Secondly, when Rifkin used this study as an example the reader would tend to believe and agree with the findings mainly because it was at Oxford University. Get your custom essay sample Get your essay. However, with the accomplishments of science, ideas that were thought to be impossible are becoming possible inside experiment labs; for example, scientists have found a way of creating life without requiring sexual reproduction. As the reader I want to only depend on credible articles, so this makes me wonder if perhaps this source was biased and he was a strong activists like Rifkin himself. Like I previously stated, I was surpised to learn how parallel animals and humans are, but I do not believe as strongly as Rifkin and Frazier, nor did either argument convince me of their viewpoint. And with that they deserve more if not the same amount of respect as human beings. Throughout the whole article Rifkin makes sure the audience will feel sympathetic towards these animals.

Should animals be treated with dignity? An actual example that Rifkin uses was how elephants will mourn over a death of their kin. Jeremy Rifkin wrote The End of Work in order to warn people about what he foresees may be happening to the global labour force because of a rapid increase in the use of automation in the workplace. He gives examples that easily contradict him making his argument not credible enough for the reader. Posted by Gianna Pappas at

Yet, the reader can relate to the elephant and see that both different types of species can share the same emotional mind-set. This elephant will not only just stand there but would touch the dead kin and seem to be feeling lost without them.

Rhetorical Technique Essay – a Change of Heart About Animals

He wants people to completely change their lifestyles to incorporate and protect the animals, but he never considers human needs. He wants animals to have more rights than humans. With the help of animal activists and some major universities, we can achieve animal rights.

And with that they deserve more if not the same amount of respect as human beings. An incident happened so the little girl’s parents decide to let the parrot go.

A Change Of Heart About Animals: Rifkin’s Analysis Essay

Their contribution has eased the pressure off of animal rights activists. Because of such inhumane behavior shown by some farmers, some universities have introduced law courses on animal rights.

Why is our suffering more important than theirs, I believe you misunderstood the reading itself! He was able to convince the audience to share the same view as him or at least change their minds and question their ethnics on the treatment of animals.

Why Animals Change Their Colors in Response to Environment Essay – Some scholars assert that animals change its color in response to their environment because changing color is easiest way to cause optical illusion and do not need much time for hiding themselves from predators.

A Change of Heart About Animals – Summer Dean

For example, in a movie named Paulie a young girl that suffers autism gets attached to a parrot. Another way Rifkin uses certain examples to convey his message on animal rights is to use credible examples. As society and technology advance, you must incorporate the necessary transformations that arise with it Lastly, Rifkin uses another technique that would leave the reader questioning their own concerns relating to animal rights.

Others believe that the Jeffersonian response is more appropriate since it means that citizens would be in control of the changes and therefore more willing to make the changes and more likely to accept, follow, and tell others about these changes Moreover, some gastropods might also be set by extreme high temperature exposure, whilst others might suffer desiccation, hypoxia, limited feeding or combining of these in response to climate warming Teacher ENG 18 December A Change of heart About Animals Although much of modern day technology is focused on materialistic things rather than the issues, such as animal rights, which are more important.

Jeremy Rifkin The End of Work]:: Although a change of heart about animals by jeremy rifkin essay thesis is embroiled in controversy,new idea came up which rebut previous theory. Endangered Animals Essay – Many people say they care about endangered species, but what do they actually do to help.

It contains the idea that protection could not be just one clear explanation of animals changing theircolors because some researchers have found out that most animals are color blind.

Rhetorical Technique Essay – a Change of Heart About Animals Short Paragraph

Some of these Universities have filed law suits for animal rights. Some animals are capable of having emotions and the mental ability to complete tasks as humans can.

There is undeniable evidence that animals are being affected by climate change.

Jeremy Rifkin backed up every point he made, but his sources are questionable; therefore, they fail to convince me of his beliefs. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. He also uses examples that have a great deal of credibility; such as using animals that a change of heart about animals by jeremy rifkin essay almost as intelligent as humans and including studies from universities and educational references.

Should animals be treated with dignity? Rifkin suggest the readers change their ways, but the second letter from Lois Frazier recommends that Rifkin should have straight-up told them to do so. As a result of this Germany became the first nation to guarantee animal rights in its constitution. Rifkin also makes sure to include companies that supports animal rights that one would never imagine supporting.

Yet that does not mean that I support Rifkin’s opinions. Rifkin emphasizes how animals should have better treatment due to the lack of compassion and acknowledgment among animals.

The parrot ends up in an a change of heart about animals by jeremy rifkin essay testing lab but somehow he managed to escape. Hamiltonian Response or Jeffersonian Response – The approach to climate change has been a topic of debate for as long as the concept of climate change has been around. Animals are not much different from us; they share the same emotions and intelligence like us human beings, Rifkin was able to accentuate that.

Also, it contradicts itself because the people funding it are one of the major corporations killing thousands of pigs day in and out so it makes it seem like they are trying to save the pigs. Although much of modern day technology is focused on materialistic things rather than the issues, such as animal rights, which are more important. Last but not least logos is expressed when he states how the European A change of heart about animals by jeremy rifkin essay outlawed the use of isolating pigs in stalls.

If wild animals were intended to be kept shut up in a jail, also known as a zoo, then what exactly is the point of contacting them wild animals anymore. In the article, A Change of Heart about Animals, written by Jeremy Rifkin is about how animals are very similar to human beings.

The parrot begins to miss his owner because he formed a bond with a human being. One example was the study of social behavior on pigs.

Everything from cars, heating for homes, and electricity use fossil fuels. Cassandra Ordaz September 17, at Some believe that the Hamiltonian response, a focused national response from the government, is necessary in order to get the country to correctly react to the problems the world is currently and will be facing.

Jeremy Rifkin explains in “Biotech Century [ Here he is stating how animals do in fact have a sense of self awareness and that orangutans are a prime example.

I disagree with Rifkin.