By demand is expected to double and consequently exceed the 1. Coca-Cola refuted the accusations of excessive exploitation and pollution and lodged an appeal. Health issues apart, the depletion of groundwater resources also affected the ability of local residents to raise their crops of rice and coconuts. Water and conflict is very vast topic, now days most of the conflict occurs because of water directly or indirectly. Coca-Cola at Kerala Cont.

We have gathered impeccable evidence to show the depletion and pollution of groundwater caused by the company But at the same time, it ordered the Village Council to renew the licence and not interfere with the functioning of the Company as long as it was not extracting excessive ground water. Veuillez laisser ce champ vide: Are you sure you want to Yes No. Two national tours and a production in London’s West End followed.

Show related SlideShares at end. In the subsequent months, several villagers complained of unusual stomachaches, while farmers complained of wells emptying unusually fast and crop yields decreasing. The activity of the Coca Cola company has caused or contributed a great deal to these coca cola plachimada case study ppt.

Water and conflict is very vast topic, now days most of the conflict occurs because of water directly or indirectly. This has placed water privatization at the forefront of developmental policies implemented by several state governments.

On April 22,a huge rally was organised at Plachimada to mark three years of the protest against the company. The company arrived at the meeting, but without any supporting documents, and instead challenged all the allegations made by the Panchayat as baseless.

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This section is based on a wide variety of sources including court judgements, press releases and official statements from Coca Cola. The people living in the vicinity of the Company have been suffering these problems for the last few years.

On January 25,the Perumatty Panchayat a local governing body whose constituency includes Coca cola plachimada case study ppt granted permission to begin building the plant. Slottow immediately responded for the university: CSL runs an international program to test the proficiency of laboratories in analysis, including pesticides.

Navdeep TraineeStudent at Niftem. However, the report said a watershed at Kaladera, Rajasthan, where one plant is located, has been so coca cola plachimada case study ppt that Coke should consider relocating the plant or shutting it down.

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India In a number of districts of India, Coca Cola and its subsidiaries are accused of creating severe water shortages for the community by extracting large quantities of water for their factories, affecting both the quantity and quality of water. Ezhil Kumaran Centre for Science and Environment Session coca cola plachimada case study ppt Free raw material? The following article will attempt to outline the events that transpired during the course of the struggle, which took place at two levels: English grammar test with answers for competitive exams questions.

Groundwater is a social asset Citizens have the right to the use of air, water and earth as coca cola plachimada case study ppt under Article 21 of the Constitution the protection of life and personal liberty It further states that the environmental balance is to be maintained and wherever groundwater is required for domestic and agricultural needs, priority is to be given to these.

Continuing the Battle in Kerala.

Coca Cola Plachimada Case Study Ppt Examples

Protests against the Coco Cola factories have taken place in a number of districts including: Huge agricultural tracts turned to mono-cultures, and companies came in looking for cheap sources of water — such as the textile industry. It even points out that the company hampered TERI’s assessment by refusing to share the environmental impact assessments for any one of the six plants.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. On March 9,the company stopped operations. N of Judgment 7th day of AprilM. In an official press release, Health Minister K. In the few months since commencement, more than families in the surrounding villages had been affected.

Where is the Environment?.

The next few years saw a long drawn and complex legal battle between the Village Council and the company. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Although some other clockmakers produced wooden movement clocks, Willard made only clocks with brass movements. Coca Cola has the largest soft drink bottling facilities in India.