Promotion of coping measures to primary care givers of mentally ill in management of stress in vazhikatti Centre at Coimbatore. A study to assess the stress and coping among widows residing in selectedareas of Udupi District1. Erik Berninger Quinine as a model for the study of cochlear hearing loss in humans. Energy metabolism, bacteriology and histology with special reference to acute pneumococcal sinusitis in rabbits. Embeds 0 No embeds.

Karin Lundkvist Pharyngeal surgery and epidemiology in sleep apnea. The development of nursing identity in foreign-educated physicians retrained as nurses practicing in the United States , Liwliwa Reyes Villagomeza. Effectiveness of topical insulin in healing of diabetic foot ulcer among patients admitted at PSG Hospitals. Pontus Stierna Experimental and clinical studies of maxillary sinusitis. Effectiveness of structured teaching programme using child to child approach on dissemination of knowledge on importance of Vitamin — A in PSG Middle School, Vedapatti, Coimbatore. Promotion of swallowing therapy among patients with dysphagia related to neuromuscular weakness at PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore.

Prophylactic measures in prevention of deep vein thrombosis among selected patients admitted at PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore. Uploaded by Saurabh Rguhs dissertation titles 2010.

Effectiveness of facilitated tucking in reduction of pain among preterm babies undergoing heel prick in the neonatal intensive care unit at GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore. Jansy P George II-Paediatric Nursing Effectiveness of bibliotherapy in children with specific learning disability to improve reading comprehension and attention span in selected schools, Kerala 8 Mrs.

The influence of acculturation and other family characteristics on asthma outcomes in Hispanic childrenRose M. Effectiveness of foot reflexology in reducing post operative pain in patients with abdominal surgery. Orthodontics Theses and Dissertations. Effectiveness of Helfer Skin Tap technique on pain associated with intramuscular injection. Magnus von Unge Mechanical properties of the tympanic membrane. Chanfes in nasal mucosal swelling and histamine sensitivity in healthy subjects and in patients with rhinitis medicamentosa.

Dearing, Mason AndrewChanges in rguhs dissertation titles 2010 ridge alignment from rguhs dissertation titles 2010 childhood to late adulthood in an untreated Caucasian population using the Iowa growth study sample.

Incidence, prevalence of HPV and survival. Andreas Ekborn Cisplatin induced ototoxicity: Anders Freijd The otitis-prone child. Smith, Nicholas RindelsInterproximal tooth wear: Alexander Ahlberg Patients with head and neck cancer – aspects on treatment, complications and rehabilitation. Successfully reported this slideshow. Karl Magnus Westrin The course of experimental sinusitis.

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Arbon, JedPhenotype-genotype correlation between the Hippo pathway and 3D craniofacial phenotypes. Predictors of cancer caregiver depression symptomatologyHenry R.

Effectiveness of structured teaching programme to primary school teachers on identification of mentally retarded children in selected schools, Coimbatore. Victoria Hellberg Pharmacokinetics and inner ear transport of cisplatin. Wermerson, Christopher PaulComparison of tooth widths, arch widths, arch lengths in early mixed and permanent class I normal dentitions to class I and II rguhs dissertation titles 2010 dentitions. Abdolahi, Mina EileenThe relationship between the absence of third molars and the development rguhs dissertation titles 2010 eruption of the adjacent second molar.

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Rguhs Thesis In Paediatrics. Karin Lindberg Nasopharynx and mucosa associated lymphatic tissue. Identifying patients with cancer at risk of experiencing a fall while hospitalizedJoann M.

Nursing interventions in prevention of rguhs dissertation titles 2010 operative complications among children with cleft lip, cleft palate surgery at G. Lena Anmyr Life circumstances of children and adolescents after cochlear implantation.

Promotion of swallowing therapy among patients with dysphagia related to neuromuscular weakness at PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore. PIN – Rguhs dissertation titles 2010 Lundblad Protective reflexes and vascular effects in the nasal mucosa elicited by activation of capsaixin-sensitive substance P-immunoreactive trigeminal neurons. Effect of multifactorial intervention on sleep quality among elderly adults in St.

Appropriateness of dietary choiceDaryle Hermelin Wane.

Near-fatal adolescent suicide attemptPhyllis Ann Dougherty. A comparative study to assess the effectiveness of honey application and chlorhexidine mouthwash in treatment related oral mucositis among cancer children at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore.

Meier, Chloe Mary ElizabethMicroesthetic dental analysis in parents of children with oral clefts. Innate Immunity and Inflammation.

Ray, AlisonPhenotypic characterization rguhs dissertation titles 2010 class II malocclusion using two dimensional photographic measurements. Caspersen, Matthew HaroldThe development of the curve of Spee in man.

Bo Wilhelmsson Effects of wood dust on the nasal mucosa. Effectiveness of guided imagery in management of post operative pain rguhs dissertation titles 2010 lower segment caesarean section mothers admitted in PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore.

Perceived barriers to breast cancer screening: Greeshma Thampi II-Paediatric Nursing A comparative study to assess the self esteem among adolescents living in foster home and biological home 9 Ms. Urban Knutsson Individual glucocorticoid sensitivity in the human.

Hans Grudemo Rhinostereometry and laser doppler flowmetry. Long term effects and dosage determination for persons with pre-hypertension and hypertensionChristine M. Hans Nordemar Differentiation of the inner ear structures in vivo and in vitro.